Behold SERVD, The Ultimate Self-Isolation Card Game To Play W/ Your Partner Or Roomie

Has your partner or roomie started annoying the absolute shit out of you during this self-isolation period?

Perhaps they’ve taken over your one TV watching re-runs of Sex In The City in an attempt to unleash their inner Carrie, or they’ve completely thrown personal hygiene out the window and make more of an effort avoiding the shower than COVID19. 

Welcome SERVD to the table, a card game that’ll give you the power to switch things up.

The rules are pretty damn simple – split the deck between the two of you, establish a timeframe to dish the cards out to each other, and start serving away.

Here are our TOP 6 CARDS that’ll lighten the mood and get you through to the other side without cancelling your lease or downloading Tinder/Grindr or Ashley Madison.

The Pamper Me Card
After a long hard day working from home (sending 4 emails) darling, you deserve a break. Kick your feet up as you sit back and have your opponent wait on your every need. From a mediocre message to running a bath for you, that’s full of freshly picked rose petals from next doors garden.

The Hobby Hater Card
What better way to pass your time in quarantine then by finessing your most favourite recreational activity. Be it yoga, pilates, air guitar or even yodelling, I’m sure there’s a Youtube tutorial that’ll take you from beginner to advanced into time at all. But why do it alone? Make your roomie or partner join in the fun with exactly 0 complaints and 100% effort. 

The My Way Today Card
Ok, so you’re in week 4 of lockdown and bae so much as breaths and it grinds your gears, not to mention the way they pack the dishwasher… we get it. Spending so much time together in an enclosed space can be challenging. This card will ease the tension, as you calmy instruct your better half or roomie how to do a household chore your way...aka the correct way.

The Namaste Today Card.
What’s are your least favourite pants your GF or roomie wears? Her cranky pants! LOL. But seriously when you’re sensing she’s either about to explode, implode or deploid a shoe at your head, play this card, instantly making her cool her jets. She’ll absolutely love being told in a moment of madness to calm down and take 10 deep breaths. It definitely won’t infuriate her more…


The Sorcerer Stylist Card
Have you exhausted Netflix, Stan and Pornhub? Are you at the point where you’d consider watching paint dry just to spice up your day? Well, look no further than this bad boy. Play dress up with your opponent Queer Eyeing the fuck out of them and turning them from drab to fab in only a matter of minutes. Farshun!

The New Us Card
Why not use this time to kick an old habit or start a new one. From cutting carbs (eww why would u do that) to spending 15 minutes a day meditating or better yet, give up the ciggies and save your lungs and some cash money, this card will hold you and your opponent accountable. 30 days, time begins… Now.

The deck itself comes in 5 iterations – ‘his & hers’, ‘hers & hers’, ‘his & his’, ‘BFF’s’ and ‘bro’s’. Head on over to the SERVD store here to purchase one. Or:

Get them on AMAZON USA here

Get the on AMAZON AU here

Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your currently-quarantined favour.

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