The top 6 cards that’ll have your BFF ripping out her hair as she flings her shoe at you.


SERVD is the hilarious new real-life card game which takes everyday scenarios that come up between either you and your partner or your friend and turns them into actions in a card game. Ultimately injecting some fun, cheekiness and strategy into all types of situations. 

The game itself has a super simple mechanic all you do is agree to a timeframe (a week, a month, a year), split the cards up, start playing. 

Here are our Top 6 cards you’ll be so excited to SERVE your bestie with, you’ll be waiting by the mailbox.

The Shut It Down Card
Ohhh a new notie, what could this be about?

*Opens Instagram to find I’ve been tagged in a photo looking like a total toad whilst my supposed BFF looks like a Victoria's Secret model. We’ve all got that one friend, the one that photographs better than a sunset over Waikiki and flippantly uploads these photos without properly screening it for Lord Voldemort look-alikes. Get that fugly photo taken the fuck down with this bad boi. 

The Can I Borrow Card. 
If you’re anything like me, your besties not only got better taste but also a bigger bank account. Whilst you’ve been busy strategizing how you can get away with wearing the same dress 3 times in a row, your besties got online orders coming in left-right & centre. Well, screw that. Why should she get to have all the fun? Sharing is caring and this card will give you free rein to temporarily borrow something of hers you’ve had your eye on. It’s only fair, right?

The Girls' Night Card
Hands up if you’ve got a boring bestie? Well not technically boring but maybe her priorities have recently changed, resulting in her politely declining your invite to the once wild nights out you both used to very much enjoy. Well, this card will not only enforce her attendance but also ensure she lets loose and has a good ol time. 

The Late Card
If you’d be late for your own funeral then this card is for you! I mean just last weekend I fell down a Tik Tok hole that apparently went for 2 hours and not only resulted in me being late to a group breakfast but also resulted in the cafe menu switching from breakfast to lunch. Let’s just say, I was not greeted with open arms and smiles, those bitches wanted eggs. Turn those frowns upside down with this card. Who doesn’t love a burger for breakfast anyway?

The Phantom Text Card.
Ok, this ones just a bita fun! Like crazy, damage control, potentially screw up your entire life kinda fun. This card gives you the ability to text anyone you want off your besties phone. Tell their ex what you really think, ask their boss for that well-deserved pay rise or let Daddy know he’s going to be a grandfather. Get creative.

The Wingwoman Card
You wouldn’t go into battle solo and a date with a potential bedfellow is no different. You need your best soldiers by your side. Not only to protect and deficit in case they’re a total weirdo but also, to raise you up and showcase your best qualities. 

SERVD is a must-have for anyone looking for a good laugh, between their lover, friend or roomie. Ultimately shaking things up and flipping typically BLAH situations on their head. Takedown your mate with the BFFs or Bros edition, alternatively show bae who’s boss with the couples editions - His & Hers, Hers & Hers and His & His.


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