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SERVD His & His is the hilarious real-life couples card game that turns everyday scenarios into actions in a card game. Ultimately injecting some fun, cheekiness, and strategy into all types of situations! The game itself is a wild ride that’ll turn your everyday life into the playing field of what could be the coolest couples game on this side of the sun.

THE GAME: Not keen to go hang with boyfies besties? Play a card and get out of that quick smart, play another to shotgun wearing an outfit so you both don’t go out matching. Alternatively, summon your opponent to do chores exactly the way you like them done, bring you your go-to hangover food or even accompany you to your fav recreation activity with exactly zero complaints.


  • Agree to a timeframe (E.g. a week, a month, 6 months). 
  • Split the cards up with each player having their own set of unique cards.
  • Start dishing out cards whenever and wherever you need. 
  • 2 Players only | Adults 18+ advised.

Cards can be counteracted, played on top of each other and shut down making SERVD a game of strategy and careful planning. On top of this, players can get creative with particular cards, meaning you can very much make SERVD unique to your relationship.

When it comes to adult games for couples, SERVD will either have you running for the hills or laughing till you pee your panties. It’s lighthearted, it’s fun and it’s cheeky. Imagine a couples card game that was written by your drunk uncle at Christmas, that’s us. There’s some boundaries we push but at the end of the day - hilarious. No matter how long you’ve been together, SERVD will be sure to add even more fun, laughter and craziness into your household.

WHAT’S IN THE SERVD DECK? 52 life-changing relationship-based cards, granting both players 26 chances to force each other into doing a variety of wonderful things.

What could possibly go wrong!?

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