The real-life card game that just gamified everything your kids love to hate! So basically, chores, homework and anything to do with the word ‘vegetable’.

Imagine if there was a card game that gamified kids chores, homework, bedtime and even got them to eat their veggies! Or better yet, a card game that got them off their devices and outside terrorising the neighbourhood, like the good old days!

Well, imagine no longer because SERVD cards just released their Kids Vs Parents deck.

And to play, it couldn’t be any simpler.

  • Just agree to a timeframe (could be a week, a month of even a year).
  • Spilt the cards up between all players.
  • Then just start dishing out cards wherever and whenever you need them.

Here’s the TOP six cards families are reaching for first.

The Digital Detox Card
In a world of Roblox and Minecraft, sometimes going outside and climbing a tree (then falling out of that tree) is the less appealing option. We get it. But climbing trees, building cubbies and playing ding dong ditch on your neighbourhood Karen should be a part of every kids childhood.

Enter the Digital Detox Card, requiring all kids to put their devices down, their only option will be to venture outdoors, use their imaginations and tighten their shoelaces should Karen take chase.

The Drive Thru Card
The card parents love to hate.
Inconvenient when you’re in a rush, yes.
Costly, especially if they order one of everything, also yes.
A great excuse to also get yourself a lil something, 100%.

The Meal Prep Card
If there's one thing that goes underappreciated, it’s the kids' lunches. So flip the switch and have your kids not only make their own lunch, but yours as well.

Then, when your co-workers ask why you’ve got a peanut butter and mustard sandwich you can politely explain that your kids are now in charge of lunches and they’re still finding their feet when it comes to flavour combinations. 

The Room Upgrade Card
Imagine being 6’4 and made to sleep in a kids' single. Well to all our tall tots out there this card is terrifying. 

Whilst you battle with sheets the size of a towel and where to put your feet your kids will literally be sleeping in the starfish position, dreaming about that time they played this card and made you swap beds.

The Backyard Blitz Card

Ever seen a hedge shaped by a 12 year old?

Us neither until we created this card and let me tell you. It does not add to curb appeal. So if you’re thinking about selling, maybe hold off on playing this one. Or just delegate them simple tasks, like picking up the dog poop.

The Grumpy Troll Card
And our absolute favourite, the Grumpy Troll Card - A.K.A parents worst nightmare.

Guaranteed to cheer up everyone except them, this card will have the whole family laughing. Grab some water, some snacks and a pillow. This is your home now.


    • 71 hilariously insightful cards that’ll have your family in tears (but, like, happy tears). 
    • PARENT, KIDS, FAMILY, BIG FAT NO and customisable cards. You can easily divide the cards and modify the game to suit your family.
    • Recommended for FUN parents and kids aged between 8-15. 
    • SERVD can be played with 1 or 2 parents and anywhere up to 4 children.
    • A simple, strategic and fun card game that isn’t played around the kitchen table, but anywhere, any time! 
    • Funner than Xbox. 

It’s a hilarious game that’ll have the whole family laughing and a great gift if you yourself don’t have kids. Sit back and watch your nieces and nephews completely annihilate their parents. LOL. 

Get em while they're hot!
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  • Please make one for 16-21 year old kids/parents


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