How To Play

SERVD takes everyday scenarios that would come up between either you and your partner or your friend and turns them into actions in a card game. After you agree to a timeframe, you simply split the cards up with each player having their own set of unique cards and start playing.

There are 5 variations of the game, 3 of these are for couples and 2 for friends:

- His & Hers, His & His, Hers & Hers (Couples)
- BFF's, Bro's (Friends)

SERVD. Cards are played as they become relevant in your relationship or friendship. From finally getting your Boyfriend to manscape to getting your friend to be your designated driver. The game aims to take everyday, mundane scenarios and inject some fun and cheekiness into them.

Cards can be played on top of each other but cannot cancel each other out. E.G. if ‘The Boys Night Card’ is played, the opposing player cannot then play ‘The Date Night Card’. They can however, play ‘The Sorcerer Stylist Card’, giving them the power to dress their opponent for the evening, sending them out the door, looking like a total twat.

For every card played, your opponent must play a card back (if they choose to) before you can play another card. Meaning you can’t play two cards at once without your opponent having the chance to refute. If your opponent chooses not to play a card back, then you can play another.

If you play a card and your opposing player does not cooperate (rude), as punishment you get to eliminate one card from play in their deck (excluding ‘The Not Today Satan Card’) and use it against them. Meaning the less you cooperate, the fewer cards you’ll have to play with.

Each card can only be played once.

Cards can be countered by ‘The Not Today Satan Card’ or ‘The Big Fat No Card’(s). These cards are then eliminated from play and cannot be used again.

Cards can be played IRL (in real life, dah) or sent to each other via text or social media.

Agree to a timespan the game will be played. A month, 3 months, a year, it’s totally up to the couple or friends playing. You have the agreed timespan to play as many cards as possible.

From here, split the cards up, with each player having their own set of specific cards. Look for the symbol on the bottom right of the cards.

Eliminate any cards from play that aren’t relevant to your relationship / friendship. E.g If you don’t own a car then scrap ‘The Designated Driver Card’. Ensure each player has the same amount of cards when starting.

Start playing.

So how the hell do I win?
SERVD. is a game of strategy... by the end of it, you’ll both know who’s won ;-)

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