SERVD™ - is the hilarious real-life card game that turns everyday scenarios into hilarious actions in a card game. Played between couples, friends or family, SERVD injects fun, cheekiness and strategy into all types of situations. 

1. Split the deck up.
2. Agree to a timeframe.
3. Start serving away.

Couples Deck












The SERVD Chore Chart


See for yourself how our customers are playing SERVD the ultimate game for couples and friends.


When it comes to family and couples games, SERVD is super unique because it gamifies your everyday life and your relationship. Taking everyday scenarios that would come up between either you and your partner, family or your friend and turning them into hilarious actions in a card game.

SERVD Strategy

SERVD Cards vary in intensity (and risk) and can be counteracted, played on top of each other and shut down, giving players the ability to call the shots and pull rank… if they play their cards right.


Blog posts

What makes SERVD Kids Vs. Parents different from any other family card game?

So you’re in the market for a new family game. You’re looking for something fun, something different and something enjoyable for the whole family where everyone can get involved. May I introduce to you SERVD Kids Vs. Parents. The ultimate game for families that turns your household into the playing field.

Here’s our top reactions to being SERVD!

The Food Envy Card: Meet Snacks, who also happens to like snacks! He was about to enjoy his delicious dessert when his (evil) counterpart Lex decided to SERV him with The Food Envy Card. May his dessert rest in peace.  Watch the full video here.

Does gamifying chores actually make your kids do them?

The short answer is yes!  Now if you're a parent rolling your eyes, thinking “nothing will make my child do their chores…”, you’re about to be PLEASANTLY surprised.  *Cue angels singing hallelujah*

The Top 5 SERVD Kids Vs. Parents Cards Every Parent Grabs First

If you’re looking for the ultimate game for families, the SERVD Kids Vs. Parents game has it all. This family game is nothing short of a showdown which takes real-life scenarios and turns them into hilarious actions in a card game. What’s an even bigger bonus (yes parents we’ve got you in mind), is that our parent cards are your golden tickets to getting your kids to do the things they’d rather avoid. 

The SERVD Chore Chart is revolutionising household chores and getting kids to ACTUALLY DO THEM!

Introducing the newest member of the SERVD gang, The SERVD Chore Chart!  This chore chart has been designed specifically to flip traditional chores on their head, gamifying the whole experience to relieve parents of the tedious task of delegating household chores to their pocket money obsessed kids. 

What makes SERVD so different from other games for couples?

So, you've probably stumbled upon the viral sensation called SERVD. Forbes and Oprah approved, the yellow and black card game has undoubtedly infiltrated your social media feed. But what exactly sets SERVD apart from the sea of other couples games? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to spill the tea.

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