Does gamifying chores actually make your kids do them?

The short answer is yes

Now if you're a parent rolling your eyes, thinking “nothing will make my child do their chores…”, you’re about to be PLEASANTLY surprised. 

*Cue angels singing hallelujah*

 So how does The SERVD Chore Chart get kids to actually do their chores?


When designing The SERVD Chore Chart we really wanted to make sure that it kept kids engaged and encouraged them to continually complete their household chores. What better way to do that than to gamify the whole experience!

How? Offering kids absolutely EPIC rewards, that are only attainable if kids commit to ongoing chores, saving and good behaviour!

We’re talking rewards like getting the TV in your room for the whole weekend, making your parents do your homework, getting an extra hour added to their curfew or even a ‘Yes Day’ (if they stay committed and earn 10,000 credit points!).

These rewards are only the beginning, we’ve created a total of 54 different rewards kids have the opportunity to achieve if they stay committed to completing their chores.

Kids must complete an ongoing combination of Daily Chores, Weekly Chores, Bonus Chores and Wildcards in order to build up their credit points. Each Chore and Wildcard has a credit point value so each time kids complete something the value gets added to their ‘Credit Bank’.

It’s literally like a bank account but for chores! Once kids have saved enough credit points they can cash in their savings for their desired reward!

The Bonus Chores and Wildcards are higher value chores earning you greater points 😉. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be easy.

Since launching we’ve had reports of kids vacuuming at 9pm, begging to do the dishes and even one Dad whose kids was filling the trash with newspaper just so he could take the trash out for 100 points.

Families are already loving The SERVD Chore Chart, with parents even saying “My kids love ticking off their chores and counting their credit points figuring out how many more points until they can cash in a reward. It motivates them to do even more chores! This household hack is a 10/10 🤩”. - Mel.


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