The Top 5 SERVD Kids Vs. Parents Cards Every Parent Grabs First

If you’re looking for the ultimate game for families, the SERVD Kids Vs. Parents game has it all. This family game is nothing short of a showdown which takes real-life scenarios and turns them into hilarious actions in a card game. What’s an even bigger bonus (yes parents we’ve got you in mind), is that our parent cards are your golden tickets to getting your kids to do the things they’d rather avoid. 

So here are our top 5 SERVD cards that parents are reaching for first when playing this game for families:

1. The Digital Detox Card

The Digital Detox Card is the ultimate card in SERVD’s family game and the perfect parenting hack, to lure your kids away from those pesky devices. Best played when your kid is glued to their screen either about to reach a new level, or is in the middle of an intense battle. And the best part is you get to decide for how long!

2. The Room Inspection Card

The kids room… if it’s not the pungent smell of rotting sandwiches in a forgotten school bag or pile of laundry quite literally the height of Mount Everest, it’s the mismatched decor and lack of appreciation of good wall art that’s enough to give someone a heart attack. That’s where The Room Inspection Card comes into play in this game for families. That room has to be tidied to a TEE, no corner or crevasse can be missed. Here’s the vacuum and a 6 pack of Febreze, go wild!

3. The T-minus 10 Card

Asking your kids to be ready on time is like waiting for pigs to fly. Lucky for you we thought ahead when designing this game for kids so this time you can whip out the T-minus 10 card, which challenges your kids to get ready in 10 minutes, tops. Can they win the race against time?

4. The Veg Out Card

Every parent would agree that getting their kids to eat their veggies is harder than completing a Bachelor of Astrophysics at Harvard. You’ve probably tried every trick of the trade by now, that’s why we’ve included The Veg Out Card in our SERVD family game. Pull this card on your kids and now there's no excuse for not eating those veggies, and before they ask. NO FRIES ARE NOT VEGETABLES!

5. The Friend In Need Card

And lastly our Friend In Need Card! I mean why wouldn’t you want to give your kids a shove in the right direction to becoming a better, kinder human. Random acts of kindness are always a way to brighten someone's day. Plus who knows, you might even make a new friend!

And voilà, there you have the top 5 SERVD cards parents are reaching for first when playing this game for families. These cards have been tried and tested and worked every single time. The Kids Vs. Parents family game is sure to inject some fun into your everyday routine, so why not make your house a battlefield. 

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